Pakistan Institute of Education (PIE)

Pakistan Institute of Education (PIE) has been created as Executive/Attached Department of Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training after approval from Cabinet under Cabinet Case No. 1080/37/2021 dated 9.11.2021.
The PIE is created through merger of Academy of Educational Planning & Management (AEPAM) and National Education Assessment System (NEAS) vide Cabinet Division's O.M. dated 3.12.2021.
Website of PIE has been launched pie.gov.pk, browsing of this defunct AEPAM website is available provisionally.
Academy of Educational Planning & Management
The Academy of Educational Planning and Management (AEPAM) was established in 1982 through a Resolution as an autonomous Organization of Ministry of Education and it was declared as 'Subordinate Office' of Ministry of Education in 2005. After 18th Amendment Bill and devolution of Ministry of Education in 2011 AEPAM is impliedly a 'Subordinate Office' of Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, Government of Pakistan.
AEPAM is a reputable training institution for Education Managers in the field of financial and administrative management of Secondary Schools and Higher Secondary Schools for ICT, GB, AJK, FATA, Cantonments & Garrisons and provinces on their specific requests on need basis. It has formed since 1982 and uptill now has trained over 10,000 Education Managers.
It has a self-owned campus housed in 9 kanals having office blocks, computer labs, library and auditorium to seat about 200 persons. In addition it has a Hostel in 5 kanals that has 24 rooms. The Academy is managed by a Director-General in BS-21 and several Directors in BS-20 who look after its Training, EMIS, Research and Library Wing respectively.
Wings of AEPAM
AEPAM has 5 Wings:
Amis and Objectives of AEPAM
The aims and objectives of the Academy as spelled out in the Resolution of 16th March 1982 and subsequently amended by Ministry of Education Notification of 13th November 1985 are as follows:
  • To identify, develop and evaluate various projects based on modern planning and management techniques;
  • To collect and consolidate educational statistics and information;
  • To develop training modules for the grass-root planners and administrators so as to enhance their capabilities;
  • To provide in-service training to the planners and administrators so as to enhance their capabilities;
  • To impart pre-service training to those educationists who are being considered for appointment as educational administrators and planners at various levels;
  • To conduct specialized training programmers in the area of computers and data processing for educational planners and administrators;
  • To develop liaison with the trainees for monitoring their performance and providing feedback for the improvement of the training programmes;
  • To contract and carry out action-oriented research studies in order to facilitate the effective implementation of the Action Plan;
  • To organize conferences, seminars and workshops on important themes of educational planning and management;
  • To provide expert advisory services to the provincial education departments on other institutions in the country, if required.
Existing Charter of AEPAM (being updated)
  • The AEPAM may act as “Think Tank” through research, development and coordination for assisting the Ministry of Education in formulation of Education Policies as well as short & long term plans.
  • AEPAM may monitor and evaluate the education sector projects and programs being implemented throughout the country and provide necessary feedback to government agencies.
  • As envisaged in the Education Policy 1998-2010, the existing EMIS at Federal level may collate data collected through provincial EMIS, and develop database of critical indicators on qualitative aspects of educational growth.
  • Maintain linkages with Provincial and District heads of Educational Institutions.
  • Continue its training programs for capacity building of Education Managers.
  • May also impart training at the pattern of NIPA to all Educational Officers eligible for promotion to BPS-20 on regular basis.
International Coorperation Program
The Academy, being the prime institute in the field of Education Planning and Management (EPM) has collaborated with international agencies:UNESCO, UNDP, UNCRD, UNICEF, CPSC, WorldBank, ADB, IIEP, HIID (Harvard Institute for International Development). Academy is an active member of ANTRIEP for carrying out various training programmes as well as research projects. Now the Academy has launched its "International Cooperation Programme" under which Training, Research, EMIS & Documentation activities would be undertaken jointly by sharing the resources on mutual reciprocal basis.
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