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Year Research Studies
  • Quality of education: Learning Achievement at primary levelAEPAM Research Study No. 189
  • Professional requirements of Education Managers under Devolution Plan/ AEPAM Research Study No. 187
  • Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination (Annual)/ 2004 AEPAM Research Study No. 186
  • Secondary School Certificate Examination (Annual) 2004/ AEPAM Research Study No. 186
  • National Sample Survey of Private Schools in Pakistan/AEPAM Research Study No. 179
  • Pakistan Education Statistics 1998-99/prepared by MIS 2002.139p.-(AEPAM/NEMIS survey study No. 168)
  • Pakistan Education Statistics 1999-2000/prepard by MIS 2002.133p.-(AEPAM/NEMIS survey study No. 169)
  • School Census Report 1999-2000 Islamabad/ prepared by MIS 2002
  • School Census Report 1999-2000 FATA/prepared by MIS 2002
  • School Education Census 2000-2001 ICT/prepared by MIS 2002
  • School Education Census 2001-2002 ICT/prepared by MIS 2002
  • School Census Report 2000-2001 and 2001-2002 for FATA, Peshawar/prepared by MIS 2002
  • Development Questionnaire for FATA School Education Census(Urdu Version)/prepared by MIS 2002
  • Impact study on contribution of Private Sector towards Human Resource Development in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT)/by Habib Khan, Dawood Shah and Akhtar Tatla. 2001. 38p.(AEPAM/NEMIS Survey Study No. 162)
  • School Education Statistics 1997-98 FANA/prepared by MIS 2000. 17p. (AEPAM/NEMIS Survey Study No. 152)
  • School Education Statistics 1997-98 Gilgit/prepared by MIS 2000.75p. (AEPAM/NEMIS Survey Study No. 153)
  • School Education Statistics 1997-98 Skardu/prepared by MIS 2000.82p. (AEPAM/NEMIS Survey Study No. 154)
  • School Education Statistics 1997-98 Diamir/prepared by MIS 2000.74p. (AEPAM/NEMIS Survey Study No. 155)
  • School Education Statistics 1997-98 Ghuzder/prepared by MIS 2000.58p. (AEPAM/NEMIS Survey Study No. 156)
  • School Education Statistics 1997-98 Pakistan/prepared by MIS 2000.232p. (AEPAM/NEMIS Survey Study No. 136
  • School Education Statistics 1998-99 Islamabad/prepared by MIS 2000.88p. (AEPAM/NEMIS Survey Study No. 137)
  • School Education Statistics 1998-99 Orakzai Agency/prepared by MIS 2000.78p. (AEPAM/NEMIS Survey Study No. 145)
  • School Education Statistics 1998-99 N.W. Agency/prepared by MIS 2000.89p. (AEPAM/NEMIS Survey Study No. 146)
  • School Education Statistics 1998-99 S.W. Agency/prepared by MIS 2000.87p. (AEPAM/NEMIS Survey Study No. 147)
  • School Education Statistics 1998-99 Kurram Agency/prepared by MIS 2000.89p.(AEPAM/NEMIS Survey Study No. 149)
  • School Education Statistics 1998-99 Mohmand Agency/prepared by MIS 2000 87p.(AEPAM/NEMIS Survey Study No. 148)
  • School Education Statistics 1998-99 FR Kohat /prepared by MIS 2000.35p. (AEPAM/NEMIS Survey Study No. 150)
  • School Education Statistics 1998-99 F.R. Tank/prepared by MIS 2000.37p. (AEPAM/NEMIS Survey Study No. 138)
  • School Education Statistics 1998-99 F.R. Peshawar/prepared by MIS 2000.35p.(AEPAM/NEMIS Survey Study No. 139)
  • School Education Statistics 1998-99 F.R. Bannu/prepared by MIS 2000 61p.(AEPAM/NEMIS Survey Study No. 140)
  • School Education Statistics 1998-99 Bajour Agency/prepared by MIS 2000 81p.(AEPAM/NEMIS Survey Study No. 141
  • School Education Statistics 1998-99 F.R. D.I. Khan/prepared by MIS 2000 60p.(AEPAM/NEMIS Survey Study No. 142 )
  • School Education Statistics 1998-99 Khyber Agency/prepared by MIS 2000 89p.(AEPAM/NEMIS Survey Study No. 143)
  • School Education Statistics 1998-99 FATA/prepared by MIS 2000 17p.(AEPAM/NEMIS Survey Study No. 144)
  • School Education Statistics 1997-98 Ghanche/prepared by MIS1999. 57p. (AEPAM/NEMIS Survey Study No. 151)
  • School Education Census: 1996-97 Pakistan/prepared by MIS. 1998.240p (AEPAM/NEMIS Survey Study No. 164)
  • Statistical Analysis on Pupils Dynamics and Wastage at Primary Level of Education 1995-96: Balochistan/by Mirza Tauhiduddin Ahmad. 1997.32p. (v.p.) NEMIS
  • School Education Census: 1995-96 Pakistan/prepared by MIS. 1997.127p. (AEPAM/NEMIS Survey Study No. 163)
  • School Education Census 1994-95 Pakistan/prepared by MIS. 1996. 68p
  • Statistical Analysis on Pupils Dynamics and Wastage at Primary Level of Education 1994-95: Sindh/by Mirza Tauhiduddin Ahmad. 1996. 43p
  • Pakistan Education Statistics: 1992-1993/prepared by MIS. 1995. 62p.
  • School Education Census 1993-94 Federal Areas/prepared by MIS. 1995. 82p
  • School Education Census 1994-95 Federal Areas/prepared by MIS. 1995. 82p
  • Federal Areas School Education Key Indicators 1994-95/prepared by Mirza Tauhiduddin Ahmad. 1995. 18p.
  • Literacy Status of Pakistan in Global & Regional Perspective/by Mirza Tauhiduddin. 1992. 50p.
  • Base Line Educational Survey Federal Area Islamabad/by Dr. Muhammad Nasim Qaisrani and Mirza Tauhiduddin. 1991. 33p.
  • Evaluation of Integrated Functional Literacy Project/by Dr. Haroona Jatoi, Dr. Nasim Qaisrani and Ahmed Nawaz Malik. 1992. (V.P.) (AEPAM Survey Study; no. 119)
  • A Survey Study on the Problems and Prospects of Teacher Education in Pakistan/by Dr. R. A. Farooq. viii+90p. ISBN:969-444-101-3
  • Evaluation of Iqra Pilot Project/in collaboration with PNE Division/Laeeq Ahmed Khan, et al. 1989. v+55p. (AEPAM/PNE Research Study; no. 89) ISBN:969-444-065-3
  • Evaluation of Nai Roshni Schools in Pakistan/in collaboration with PNE Division, Ministry of Education/by Dr. Nuzhat Parveen Chaudhry, et al. 1988. 70+(22)p. (AEPAM Research Study; no. 74) ISBN:969-444-056-4
  • Survey Study on Research in Support of Decision-Making or Policy-Making in Education: a case study of Pakistan/by Dr. R. A. Farooq. 1987. 61p. (AEPAM Research Study; no. 66) ISBN:969-444-052-1
  • Rechecked Survey on Drop-out Rates in Urban Areas/by Mirza Tauhiduddin Ahmad and S. Dawood Shah. 1986. 20p. (AEPAM Statistical Study; no. 51)
  • System of Education in Sri Lanka/by Dr. Said Rasul Malik. 1986. 77p. (AEPAM/M/O/ Education Research Study; no. 56) ISBN: 969-444-050-5
  • Determining the Load of Basta (Satchel) in Primary School: a survey study/conducted by Dr. Said Rasul Malik. 1985. (3)p.
  • Institutions of Pedagogy, Research and Curriculum Development in Pakistan: a case study/conducted in the collaboration with the UNESCO/by Dr. R. A. Farooq. 1985. 52p. (AEPAM/UNESCO Case Study; no. 19) ISBN:969-444-004-1
  • A Study on Drop-out Rates: report of the sample survey on Drop- outs based on the status of Kachi-Pakki Classes in Primary Schools/by Dr. Said Rasul Malik and Mirza Tauhiduddin Ahmad. 1985. 108p. (AEPAM Research Study; no. 20) ISBN:969-444-035-1
  • Statistical Trends and Patterns of Repetition and Drop-out in Karachi (West) District/by Mirza Tauhiduddin Ahmad. 1985. 96p. (AEPAM Research Study; no. 26) ISBN:969-444-009-2
  • Study on the Education of Talented Students from Rural/under Developed Areas in Cadet Colleges and Public Schools/conducted in collaboration with Ministry of Education/by Mr. L. Habib Khan, et al. 1985. 142p. (AEPAM/M/O/Education Research Study; no.43)ISBN:969-444-032-7
  • Study of Management Structure of Baluchistan Department: a joint study/conducted by Dr. R. A. Farooq, Fazal Hussain Chaudhry and Ijaz Ahmad Malik. 1984. 27p. ISBN:969-444-025-4
  • Teacher Education in Pakistan/by Dr. R. A. Farooq. 1983. 22p.
  • Performance of Educational Planning, Management and Supervision System as Evidenced in the School Study in Abbottabad District. 1983. 191+19p. ISBN: 969-444-014-9
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