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Year Research Studies
  • Directory of Skill Development Centres in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT)/by Habib Khan,Dawood Shah and Akhtar Tatla.2000.37p(AEPAM/NEMIS Information/Documentation No. 161)
  • Directory of Private Schools in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT)/by Habib Khan, Dawood Shah and Akhtar Tatla. 2000. 91p. (AEPAM Information/Documentation No. 160
  • Monitoring Process of Education: a conceptual approach/by Mirza Tauhiduddin Ahmad. 1997. 51p.
  • Glossary of Terminologies in Educational Planning/by Mirza Tauhiduddin Ahmad. 1996. 66
  • Documentation of Educational Research in Pakistan: 1947-95: An Annotated Bibliography/by M. H. Shabab. 1995. 508p. (AEPAM Documentation Information; no. 123) ISBN:969-444-104-8
  • AEPAM: 1982-1989: Introduction, Achievements and Future Programmes/compiled by M. H. Shabab. 1990. 45p.
  • An Inventory of AEPAM's Publications: Recommendations of AEPAM's selected studies/ compiled by M. H. Shabab. 90p. (AEPAM Information/Documentation; no. 103) ISBN: 969-444-084-X
  • Directory of Participants attended Training Programmes (1988-89)/compiled by M. H. Shabab. 130p. (AEPAM Information/ Documentation; no. 104) ISBN: 969-444-082-3
  • Documentation of Educational Research in Pakistan: 1947-89: An Annotated Bibliography/ by M. H. Shabab. 1990. 156p. (AEPAM Documentation Information; no. 69) ISBN:969-444-059-9
  • Guidelines for Educational Planning and Management/by Dr. Abdul Ghafoor. 1987. 113+(47)p. (AEPAM Handbooks/ Manuals; no. 72)
  • AEPAM Newsletter (Quarterly) Vol.1, No.1.
  • Alumni and Resource Persons in Training/ Workshop/ Seminar/ Programmes; 1982-85/compiled by Mirza Tauhiduddin Ahmad. 1986. 72p. (AEPAM Handbooks/Manuals; no. 46)
  • Pakistan Education Statistics; 1947-78; a computerized section. 1986. (v.p)(AEPAM Statistical Study; no.48) ISBN:969-444-045-5
  • Documentation of Educational Research in Pakistan: 1947-85/compiled by Dr. Sarfraz Khawaja. 1985. 113p. (AEPAM Documentation/ Information; no. 22) ISBN:969-444-003-3
  • Pakistan Education Key Indicators: a brochure. 1984. 8p.
  • NA Manual of Statistical Measurements of Wastage in Education/by MirzaTauhiduddin Ahmad. 1984. 22p.
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