Pakistan Institute of Education (PIE)

Pakistan Institute of Education (PIE) has been created as Executive/Attached Department of Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training after approval from Cabinet under Cabinet Case No. 1080/37/2021 dated 9.11.2021.
The PIE is created through merger of Academy of Educational Planning & Management (AEPAM) and National Education Assessment System (NEAS) vide Cabinet Division's O.M. dated 3.12.2021.
Website of PIE has been launched pie.gov.pk, browsing of this defunct AEPAM website is available provisionally.
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National Educational Management Information System (NEMIS)
The National Educational Management Information System (NEMIS) has been functioning in AEPAM since 1993. The main purpose of the NEMIS is to consolidate and collate education statistics, maintain comprehensive national education database, set standards for quality improvement of education data, and provide technical support to the provincial and district EMISs for enhancing their capacity to generate and maintain education data.
We have been striving hard to achieve the targets of maintaining databank of high quality education data, reducing data gaps, providing technical support to the provinces/regions, setting data and technology standards, and enhancing capacity of EMIS professionals as well as education managers. I would like to appreciate the hardwork being put in by NEMIS team towards achievement of these objectives.
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