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Training Wing
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Syeda Shakila Khatoon
The Academy conducts short-term as well as long-term training programmes for different levels of officers (i.e. middle-level educational administrators, planners, supervisors, personnel, etc.) in specialized areas such as Educational Planning and Management , Financial Administration, Personnel Administration, Project Preparation, Educational Statistics, Educational Management Information Systems (EMIS), Automation of Documentation and Libraries, etc.

While several training activities are organized in collaboration with the Ministry, national and international agencies, AEPAM has developed close working liaison with UNESCO, UNDP, UNCRD, UNICEF, CPSC, WorldBank, ADB, IIEP, HIID (Harvard Institute for International Development). Academy as an active member of ANTRIEP.
Training Wing is responsible for capacity building of educational planners, managers, administrators, and supervisors from all over the country. The geographical coverage includes Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), the four provinces, AJK, FATA, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Cantonments. Long and short term training is generally of two types:
  • Under approved development projects
  • Specially tailored programs
Since 1982, AEPAM has trained about 10,000 education managers from all over the country. Presently AEPAM is implementing the following development projects for capacity building of educational managers.  
  • Educational Leadership & Institutional Management (ELIM)
  • Financial Management and Good Governance (FMGG)
  • Other Training Programs
  • Workshop Reports
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