Research Wing
Incharge Research
Syeda Shakila Khatoon
AEPAM has conducted several studies on issues and problems related to Education development in Pakistan. It has also collaborated with several International Agencies ( UNESCO/UNICEF/UNDP/ IIEP/ IBE/ HIID (Harvard Institute for International Development) /UNCRD/CPSC) to under take investigative and evaluative studies of their interrest. Since 1982, AEPAM has produced more than 300 research studies, survey reports and research papers relating to:
  • Policy Analysis
  • Educational Planning and Management
  • Quality Education
  • Teacher Education
Current Studies
  • Factors Affecting in the achievement of EFA goals
  • Causes of Gender Disparity in Education and its impact on Socio-Economic Development in Pakistan
Completed Studies
  • Non-Functional Schools in Pakistan: Does Monitoring System has an Impact?
  • Educational Planning and Management
  • Role of School Council in Development of Secondary School
  • Problems in the Implementation of National Education Policy at Elementary Level
  • Follow up Study: to observe the Impact of ICT Training on the Professional Development of Science Teachers at Secondary Level
  • Need Assessment of Secondary School Teachers In-service Training
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Research Papers  
  • Existing Educational Management/Administrative System and Alternative Approaches to Educational Leadership/by Sarfraz Khawaja and Khawaja Sabir Hussain. 2001. 52p
  • National Diagnostics of Head-Teachers in Pakistan: Improving School Management in Asia: Capacity Building for Head-Teachers/by Habib Khan. 2000. 35p (AEPAM Research Paper No. 165)
  • Analysis of Non-formal Education in Pakistan/by Sarfraz Khawaja. 2000. 21+12p
  • Critical Analysis of Universalizations of Primary Education in Pakistan/by Sarfraz Khawaja and Khawaja Sabir Hussain. 2000. 41p.
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  • Quality of education: Learning Achievement at primary level, AEPAM Research Study No. 189
  • Professional requirements of Education Managers under Devolution Plan/ AEPAM Research Study No. 187
  • Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination (Annual)/ 2004 AEPAM Research Study No. 186
  • Secondary School Certificate Examination (Annual) 2004/ AEPAM Research Study No. 186
  • National Sample Survey of Private Schools in Pakistan/AEPAM Research Study No. 179
  • Pakistan Education Statistics 1998-99/prepared by MIS 2002.139p.-(AEPAM/NEMIS survey study No. 168)
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  • Directory of Skill Development Centres in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) by Dr. Habib Khan, Dawood Shah and Akhtar Tatla.2000.37p(AEPAM/NEMIS Information/Documentation No. 161)
  • Directory of Private Schools in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT)/by Habib Khan, Dawood Shah and Akhtar Tatla. 2000. 91p. (AEPAM Information/Documentation No. 160
  • Monitoring Process of Education: a conceptual approach/by Mirza Tauhiduddin Ahmad. 1997. 51p.
  • Glossary of Terminologies in Educational Planning/by Mirza Tauhiduddin Ahmad. 1996. 66
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